Olympia Chinese Christian Church (OCCC) is composed  of immigrants from all over the globe including Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Southeast Asia and many other places. After becoming believers of Jesus Christ, we join together to share, discuss and pursue the truth. Our gathering is centered on the Word of God and our goal is to study the Bible and live out its timeless truth in our family, work, and our relationship with others.

OCCC began in 1991 as a small Bible study group with a non-denominational background. We first met in our homes. Later, as the number of attendees grew, the group began to borrow rooms in different English-speaking churches and meet there. In 2012, we moved into Westwood Church and worshiped there for twelve years. In 2014, as we planned to build a church, by the grace of God we inherited a church building that was move-in-ready. We worshiped and fellowshipped there for more than four years. As we faced another growth in numbers, we sensed the need for expansion. God provided again  and led us to purchase a bigger church building.

Jesus Christ is the head of our church with the Word of God as the pillar of truth. The brotherly kindness fills our fellowship, and the pursuit of the Lord is our goal. The mission of OCCC is to spread the Gospel of Salvation. For details of our faith, please refer to Statement of Faith page.

OCCC is the only Chinese Christian Church in the Greater Olympia area. The church currently has seven fellowships, including Cantonese fellowship, Youth group…and etc. Prayer meeting takes place each Wednesday night at 7:30PM; Bible study is every Friday at 7:30PM. During the week, there are Sisters’ meeting as well as Seniors’ meeting. On Sundays there are Adult and Youth Sunday schools at 9:15AM. The main church service begins at 10:30AM. Youth group and Children’s Sunday schools are taught by English-speaking teachers. Free lunch is provided after the main church service. The preaching is available in both mandarin Chinese and English.

We sincerely welcome you to join us and to enjoy the richness of God’s family, and most of all, to know Jesus Christ and to pursue the eternal life He offers.